Shaun Keylock Company

Shaun Keylock is a performance-based artist born and raised in Portland, Oregon. More information on dance performances, classes, and creative research found here.


" The dependence of Liberty shall be lovers,
The continuance of Equality shall be comrades.

Inspired by text of Walt Whitman and the oral histories of members of the Civilian Conservation Corps, an American economic program that put men back to work conserving public land in 1933, Calamus is a portrait of intimate friendships between young men. 

An exploration of Whitman’s original self-censored texts Live Oak with Moss and Children of Adam, Calamus considers the subversive nature of same-sex comradeship among male youth.

The work features original text by Whitman and a commissioned score by Evan Swope (Seattle).

Calamus was created in collaboration with an all-male cast in part during a creative development residency at New Expressive Works.

Photo — Matthew Kulisch


Duration: 20 minutes

Performers: 4-5

Premiere: New Expressive Works / 2018

Choreography: Shaun Keylock in collaboration with dancers

Lighting Design: Robin Greenwood

Sound Design: Evan Swope

Original Text: Walt Whitman