Shaun Keylock is a performance-based artist born and raised in Portland, Oregon. More information on dance performances, classes, and creative research found here.

Commericial Works


Studio Shaun Keylock regularly collaborates with local artists, organizations, and brands to elevate campaigns and creative projects.

Shaun Keylock has provided choreography and creative direction for music, film, fashion, special events, and other site-specific installations. In addition, our company dancers have been featured in live performances and campaigns in collaboration with musicians, designers, filmmakers, and photographers.

Recent Highlights:

Alexa Stark

Alexa Stark — Site-Specific Performance

Brand: Alexa Stark, Portland Garment Factory
Presenter: Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Venue: 2019, Meta Gala
Designer: Alexa Stark
Choreography: Shaun Keylock
Performers: Shaun Keylock Company


Anna Telcs’ — The Dowsing

Concept: Anna Telcs
Presenter: Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Venue: 2018, Meta Gala
Designer: Anna Telcs
Choreography: Shaun Keylock
Performers: Shaun Keylock Company

The Dowsing by Anna Telcs was performed at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art on a program in support of the organization's annual fundraiser event.

Anna Telcs has extensively researched the human need to define oneself in dress and has performed internationally as an designer and artist articulating themes of ritualized clothing and the sociological impetus for adornment.

Telcs' ongoing artwork, The Dowsing, combines historical and technical research, sculpture, sewing and dying techniques, filmography and performance to create objects that quietly and powerfully question our relationship with clothing and the cultural elements it comprises. The objects and performed events are staged to demystify and de-isolate fashion for a wider audience.