Shaun Keylock Company

Shaun Keylock is a performance-based artist born and raised in Portland, Oregon. More information on dance performances, classes, and creative research found here.


Driven by questions of binary digression, Same, But Different examines the nature of unspoken social constructions and their effect on the individual.

A reflection on the queer experience, Same, But Different functions as a commentary on dominance and repudiation of individual differences by addressing current issues of morality, as well as the awareness, closeting, and denial of sexual intimacy.

Same, But Different was created in partial fulfillment for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Dance at Pacific University.

Photo — Chris Leck

Same, But Different

Duration: 12 minutes

Performers: 7-8

Premiered: Pacific University / 2014

Choreography: Shaun Keylock

Lighting Design: Tal Sanders

Costume Design: Melissa Heller

Music: Craig Armstrong